Dear Bertha,

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for your amazing ability to make me feel so much better both inside and out! You are an angel and you have helped me so much over the years and I know that you will be more and more successful as you continue Reiki training. I can’t wait until I am able to do those treatments more often!!😘😘😘😘

- Melissa B.

I received 2 distance healing sessions from Bertha and I was amazed at how wonderful I felt afterwards. Before the sessions, I was feeling so anxious and irritable that I reached out to her to try the service. Having studied energy healing, I am aware that we can receive and perform this work remotely.It really really does work! I felt such a dramatic shift after not 1 but 2 sessions, I am absolutely convinced that Bertha is a powerful healer. It’s so nice to know I have her as my healing emergency or anytime I want to feel amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you Bertha, you are the best!

- Jennifer M.

I have known Bertha for about 5 years and have been witness and inspired by her path and growth in reiki. She is an intuitive healer without a doubt. I’ve received mini sessions of reiki with her in the past that were transformative, both physically and emotionally.

To compare with the hour session we had; I feel like an optimal version of myself! Calm, focused, strong. Bertha is a rare and talented woman.

- Mija O.

Yesterday, I had my first ever treatment. I didn't discuss any of my issues before the treatment, however, she was so perceptive that she identified my throat problem.  Bertha's hands have such incredible heat and energy as they pass over your body. It is very difficult for me to quiet my mind, however, this treatment helped me do just that. I was so relaxed that I felt as though I was "one" with the table. I still feel clear-headed and completely relaxed. I definitely will become a regular client!

- Linda M.

I love Reiki sessions with Bertha because I always feel amazingly good afterwards. I walk out of her spa supremely relaxed, refreshed and feeling an inch taller from a weight lifted off my shoulders.

- Alysia C.

Hi Bertha! I'm really good!! I'm in positive spirits right now! It's from your Reiki session!! also "my heart is not heavy"... I feel more strength to let go of what no longer serves my well-being!

- Clarissa R.

Our faces are feeling renewed. It’s the best I’ve had and Howard thinks it was great!!  You are a blessing!  Loved the Reiki treatments. Stay in touch and we will too. Keep me posted on your Reiki lessons and events. Love and blessings to you.


- Peggy and Howard

Bertha I told you I was having trouble sleeping the other night, but after your Reiki treatment, it was so nice I had no trouble sleeping right away, and there is a peace I feel I'm not feeling anxious or stressed about anything I feel really good I hope it last forever!  Amazing!


- Gabie

Bertha’s reiki treatment was phenomenal. I felt as if she gave me a sense of relief and clarity for what I was going through. Reiki has helped me let all the negative thoughts leave my mind and body. Allowing me to feel free and better. Her hands made it so comforting for me. She truly has a gift for healing. kind Regards,

- Cassandra Jones